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we are not the usual agent you know that billed you a certain huge amount of money . We are here only to process  your work permit/holiday visa for you and make sure you travel within 3 months of your start up processes with us. Though some fee might be paid. Eg. Hiring Manager fee, visa fee, Medical fee and biometric fee.

We discovered that most of Nigerians find it difficult to get a Canada work permit visa and even lots of people have been duped during this processes ,where some people have lost hope to travel or work abroad. 

This is the reason creating this group to help people achieve their aims in moving  to Canada easily. We are  working directly with the HRM in most of the Canadian companies to make it easy getting a Canada work permit/holiday visa for Nigerians. 

We give 100% assurance  of working and living good in any state of your choice in  Canada  within 3 months of starting your processing with us. 

Kindly use the contact form below to contact our customer care representative after wish you will receive an Email in other for you to know how to begin your processing to live and work in Canada . 


When it is time for your appearance please kindly Book your Appointment early with us before visisting.

LOCATION : Plot 628 Olu Awotesu St, Utako, Abuja


SUNDAY 20/ 10/ 2019



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10/20/2019 09:54
The only travel agency I can vouch for is Bienvenue Travels. Your travels processing is like a magic
10/20/2019 09:58
We love you . Thanks
10/04/2019 21:07
I love you Bienvenue Travels
09/30/2019 06:30
I love you Bienvenue Travels, I am now convinced because I just got my visa last week Friday. I have sent a copy of it to your email address, please don't use it for advert but just to show you as confirmation
09/21/2019 06:45
I just want to say thank you Bienvenue Travels. Got my employment letter yesterday. You are so real , I hope more people will know this.
Yemi cash
09/03/2019 07:00
Bienvenue you are the best, how I wish I have met this crew years back. Well I am happy I found you and my processing was so smooth and opened.
09/04/2019 10:26
We blessed God for the success. Kindly refer more people to us .
Mrs Nwankwo
08/29/2019 06:05
Bienvenue Travels you are the best , I will always be thankful. All is just about my Visa success 2 years work permit. My brother was convinced so he will pay this morning to start his own processing.
08/29/2019 08:13
Thanks for the honour, God be praised
Kally Jude
08/26/2019 07:03
Morning Sir, please I just made my payment this morning and I have gotten my invoice but I want to ask how long will my documents ready for submission
08/26/2019 08:24
Thanks for processing with us.
Note that within 3 weeks all documents will be fully ready
08/25/2019 16:13
Dear Clients,
We are back from holiday . We had a brief holiday to settle all our clients who just flied to Canada for the summer period. We are back fully.
Yetunde Balogun
08/09/2019 06:25
Thanks Bienvenue crew, I have gotten my invoices .
08/10/2019 12:53
You are welcome
08/08/2019 10:35
Sir , I have just submitted today, how many days will it take to be ready ?
08/08/2019 10:48
21 working days and make sure you follow with the tracking number given to you from the embassy for passport tracking
Goodwill Bolade
08/03/2019 12:45
Hi Bienvenue crew, my traveling date is next week , please what are the things i needed to prepare along . thanks so much
08/04/2019 09:21
Just make sure you take along your Canada border recognition letter.
Babatunde fapounda
07/30/2019 07:59
Hello Bienvenue, I want to know if am going to submit my ticket with the other documents at the embassy.
07/30/2019 20:19
Thanks for contacting us.
Yes please submit it with it.
Ngozi Johnson
07/25/2019 09:30
Firstly I blessed God for this moment as I just picked up my passport yesterday and I found it positive with 5 years Canadian visa on my visa page and I have scanned the visa page to your Email. Well nothing to say much but I will surprise Bienvenue Crew with some great appreciation. Thanks so much guys.
07/25/2019 19:01
Congratulations. We appreciate your trust in us too. Have a nice trip
Ngozi Johnson
07/23/2019 07:38
Want to say thank you Bienvenue travels, I just got my pick up message today to come for my visa at the embassy. I am too nervous right now but I will be cool . love you guys
07/24/2019 10:58
Thanks a lot for your trust from the beginning of the processing . we love you too
Tayo jaman
07/22/2019 05:51
Thanks Bienvenue crew, I have received all my documents. Thanks so much, please want to ask when can I submit now cos am eager to get my visa and leave this country oo
07/22/2019 20:57
You are free to submit tomorrow anytime from 10:00am GMT at the Canadian embassy of your location.
07/19/2019 08:27
Please if you one of the clients flying today by 10:45 pm GMT. Kindly contact the customer care representative for your Tag.
Yomi yack
07/20/2019 21:29
Thanks BIENVENUE Admin, we are already here in Toronto. We landed safely, thanks so much for your usual wonderful work.
Taiye Ibidun
07/16/2019 07:28
Hello Bienvenue, I am submitting today please what time can I go to the embassy?
07/16/2019 09:20
Thanks for your contact.
You can go between 9am - 1pm GMT
Bobby Hakeem
07/12/2019 06:23
Received, I mean my documents. Thanks a lot Crew
07/12/2019 06:24
You are welcome, we are to help you through with your work permit
Bisola Ogunsakin
07/11/2019 14:42
Yes thank you Bienvenue Crew , they have sent the new ticket to me. It's just that I am been nervous. I really thank you
07/11/2019 14:44
You are most welcome
Bisola Ogunsakin
07/11/2019 07:14
Morning from here Bienvenue crew, please I got a call from my employer that my new flight ticket has been sent to you based on changing of resumption date, they said I should resume on the 20th of this month instead of 30th. I have sent a request email to you you but yet to receive response, that is why I came here to create an awareness maybe you can respond quickly . Will be waiting for your reply please
07/11/2019 14:37
Thanks for contacting us.
Kindly note that you complaints and request has been attended to.
07/08/2019 14:45
Thanks so much, I have gotten the invoice. My sister introduced me to your organization that she got her visa through your crew.
I pray mine be like that
07/08/2019 14:50
We promise to make your desires goes well with us and your dreams to come true .
07/08/2019 14:31
Thanks for your good works Bienvenue crew, I have made my payment for the Hiring manager's fee ,please I am waiting for the generated payment invoice. Thanks
07/08/2019 14:37
Thanks for having your processing through us.
Kindly note that you will get Your invoice within 30 minutes of your payment.
Adekemi Temiotan
07/07/2019 11:08
Bienvenue crew, I want to say thanks to you. I have gotten to my apartment here in blue ways Ontario. I am so happy, I am going to the company tomorrow to resume. God you are great.
07/07/2019 16:26
We are happy we made your dreams come true and didn't disappoint you. Enjoy your stay in Canada
Victoria Oboh
07/03/2019 14:15
Firstly I want to bless God for been alive today to achieve my dream for the past 7 years I have been on this Canada visa and lots of lost count from this fraudster travel agency.
I want to say God has really sent you to me Bienvenue Travels but I am still asking my self how is this processing looks so simple and easy through you while some agent will say bring millions of naira for the visa. I am so happy today as I went to pick my passport at the embassy, I was so afraid at first to open the envelope but I was so happy seen my 5 years work permit, I nearly faint. I promise to pay an additional 100k to your account today when I get home as compensation. You have really proved to me your transparency and I promise I will advertise your work and bring more people to you. Before I forget please check the email for the visa scan I sent for success rate. Thank you so much Bienvenue crew, God will continue to bless your work.
07/03/2019 14:19
We are happy we made your dreams come true, All we will say is thank you for the praises.
Victoria Oboh
07/02/2019 06:00
Hello Bienvenue crew, I want to notify you that I have gotten a pickup message from the embassy to come and pick my visa. Please when can I go and pick it up? I am eager
07/02/2019 17:03
Thanks for your feedback Victoria.
We are happy to inform you that you can go tomorrow as your visa is ready for pick up.
Folake Ogundipe
06/30/2019 05:17
Good morning Bienvenue crew. Just wanted to inform you that I have recieved all my documents and printed . Please can I submit tomorrow Monday 1/07/2019?
06/30/2019 13:47
Yes you can submit by tomorrow. Kindly contact the customer care for confirmation
Justinah Aninwe
06/27/2019 06:18
Good morning Bienvenue Travels, Please my friend in Toronto Canada (Ngozy by Name) was the one that introduced your crew to me saying she traveled and got work through you which I was aware then when she was traveling but didn't know she did it through your crew. Please I will like to start my processing and make my first payment this morning because I noticed the job vacancies are reducing drastically. Won't like to miss any chances of this year.
06/27/2019 06:25
Thanks for your interest in us.
We will advise you to contact our customer care representative by filling out the contact form above and sending it after you are done filling. You will get an instant reply via your Email to start your processing immediately.
Tope Fashola
06/26/2019 06:06
Good morning Bienvenue Crew, firstly I want to say you are the angel of my destiny and you made my dream come true.. I have seen all your efforts advertising and want people to participate in the goodies. You know some people do not want the truth, they prefer to go for a wrong processing and be duped than go for the right one. They believe your money is too cheap and thinking if the money will get them all you have said. They have forgotten all these Travels and Tours companies here in Nigeria particularly are fraudsters and just want to collect your money and give your story of refusal at the end of the show. Personally I have undergone your processing and I have gotten my work permit visa with my ticket from the employer (company in Canada) which I can recommend you to anyone throughout the world. Though I risked it at first which I know through risk you can know the truth but I am very happy I was not disappointed and I got what I want. I think I will be reposting your post now for some people to know about your crew. Thanks Bienvenue crew.
06/26/2019 06:14
Wow thanks so much for the praises. All we can say is Thank you and we are happy we fulfill your desires and didn't disappoint you.
Babalola Micheal
06/25/2019 06:56
wow I am really happy today, I just want to say well-done to you Bienvenue crew. I just got a message from the embassy for pick up now. Thanks you so much, I love you guys
06/25/2019 18:20
you are really welcome and we appreciate your praises
Adebayo abolore
06/24/2019 09:58
Good day Bienvenue crew,I went to use this time to appreciate your gestur and good moral that you are using to handle all client,have gotten my invoice ? and hoping for my appointment letter soon.

06/24/2019 13:47
Thanks for your praises.
We assure you that your appointment letter will be ready soon.
Adebayo abolore
06/23/2019 18:58
Hello Bienvenue,just make my first payment now for hiring manager fee and still waiting for my invoice .
06/24/2019 05:27
Thanks for your interest in processing with us.
Be aware that the customer care representative has answered all payments and sent all invoices to the clients Email.
Bisola Adu
06/23/2019 04:19
Good morning Bienvenue crew, I wanted to say I will make my payment tomorrow morning which is Monday to secure the post of the customer care representative. Thanks
06/23/2019 14:43
Thanks for your interest in us.
You are welcome .
Obina Anthony
06/22/2019 07:20
Good morning Bienvenue crew, please I just made my first payment and also have sent my requirements ( location is Nigeria Account) please kindly confirm as I am waiting for my invoice.
06/22/2019 07:33
Thanks for your interest in processing your visa through us. We are pleased to inform that the customer care are really working and will generate your invoice , which you will receive in a jiffy and at the same time forward your requirements to the necessary department to start your processing immediately.
Sandra Harry
06/21/2019 08:16
I have been reading some comments here but I just kept mute.. I wanted to say I am the happiest of all Bienvenue clients because I have gotten my 5 years work permit visa since last two weeks, they made my dreams come true and my resumption to travel according to my ticket I got from my employer in Canada is ending of this month which I will be saying bye bye to Nigeria. Bienvenue I am happy dealing with your crew, although it was risk I took but you made it reality as I want it. Thanks all the way.
06/21/2019 08:18
(laughing) well we really appreciate and been honored by your praises. We are happy we didn't dissapointed you.
Joshua Afe
06/21/2019 08:10
Good morning Crew, please I just made my payment and also have sent the necessary documents to the appropriate department. Please kindly generate my invoice of payments as I am waiting to receive it. Thanks
06/21/2019 08:19
Kindly wait some moments as the system generates your invoice but still contact the customer care for reminder.
Joshua Afe
06/20/2019 20:44
Evening Bienvenue crew, please I will like to secure the customer care representative post and I will send all my requirements tomorrow morning and make the payment for the Hiring fee #162k into your account.
06/20/2019 20:51
Thanks for your interest.
We always do first come first serve. immediately you send your documents tomorrow and make your payment, we I'll cancel the offer immediately.
Ibidun Taiwo
06/20/2019 10:39
Hello Bienvenue Crew, I just submitted my requirements and made my first payment to the Directors account given on the post of secretary, please kindly confirm to me while am waiting for the payment invoice.
06/20/2019 10:43
Thanks for been part of us as we will begin your processing immediately. Kindly check your Email for our customer care representative confirmation and a generated invoice /receipt from us.
Ibidun Taiwo
06/20/2019 20:41
Thanks Bienvenue, I have gotten my invoice and receipt.
Otedola Bunmi
06/19/2019 12:58
Firstly I want to say a big thank you to Bienvenue crew. Your transparency is excellent. I made my first payment on Monday and I got a generated invoice of all my payments. Please I want to ask if am to submit the invoice with my application on next week Monday at the Canadian Embassy?
06/19/2019 13:22
Thanks for been part of our services.
Please kindly note that you must submit all the documents issued and delivered to you from Bienvenue Travels with your application in the Canadian Embassy for 100% confirmation of any documents trace.
This is what gives you 100% assurance of your visa issuance.
06/17/2019 16:19
Hello Crew, my brother applied for the Vancouver Holiday Tour and which I wanted to apply for mine today but the customer care representative told me it has closed and the available one now is Toronto Holiday Tour? Please when is this closing, want to know if I can still apply for it on Wednesday this week. Please let me know
06/18/2019 03:38
Yes Vancouver holiday tour has closed but you can still apply for the Toronto tour anytime this week as long as the number of applicant hasn't complete yet.
Ajay Tope Benson
06/17/2019 16:16
Hello Admin, please I have sent a scanned copy of my Tracking slip I collected from the embassy to the Email, please kindly confirm for me please.
06/18/2019 03:36
We have confirmed it please. You are welcome.
Ngozi Ezekiel
06/15/2019 22:15
Sometimes risk is good and it will make you to know the right from the wrong, I took the risk starting my processing with you guys and I am so happy everything is moving cool in a good direction, just want to notify you I have gotten my Appointment letter from the company I applied to food production company, just got the email not more than 20 minute now. Please hope my other documents are ready cos I can't wait to submit and see my see traveling to Canada. Thanks guys I really appreciate you and I hope God will open other people's eyes to see you are the best.
Good night
06/16/2019 05:23
Thanks for your trust in us. I will like to inform you to contact the customer care representative asking if your other documents are ready for submission.
Kally Naomi
06/14/2019 13:20
I am so happy today, Just want to say thank you to you Bienvenue Travels crew for my submission today, it was successful.
06/15/2019 07:03
You are really welcome Miss Naomi, soon you will receive a message for pick up. Just prepare to travel soon.
Adekemi Temiotan
06/13/2019 12:29
Hello Bienvenue crew, please want to ask if I will need to travel along with all my Nigeria's credentials to Canada when am leaving by ending or I don't need it at my work place? Will be glad to know this.
06/13/2019 12:32
Thanks for been part of our service.
Firstly I want to say congratulations as you are waiting for your flight ticket ✈ date to clock.
We are pleased to inform you that kindly contact the customer care representative for a good answer to your question.

Kally Naomi
06/12/2019 09:49
Good morning Bienvenue Admin, please can I still submit on Friday because i just received my appointment letter from the company in Canada, hope I can still rush things together and submit by Friday .?
06/12/2019 10:26
Thanks for your feedback.
Kindly contact the customer care representative, asking her if your other documents from us are fully ready then you can submit on Friday.

Ifeoluwa Tayo
06/11/2019 13:49
Please Admin I am starting my processing with a virgin passport, hope it doesn't affect my visa issuance? Thanks
06/11/2019 14:01
Thanks for your feedback.
Kindly note that your Old or New international passport is qualified to get you your work permit visa.
Akingbade James
06/10/2019 09:42
Wow Bienvenue you are really great and real, How can I praise you or appreciate you. At first I was scared loosing my money because it is blind processing but I risk it seeing how others are commending your effort but at long run I became relax seeing the good works you are doing. Today is my pickup date and I just picked up my passport now from submission centre billing way and I found my 5 years work permit visa on my passport, wooooooow I don't even know what to say but I really appreciate you getting me a canada work permit visa with little money and not like those bad street agents. Thank you once again BIENVENUE TRAVELS. I will scan my visa page to your Email now and also I wanted to say I have received my flight ticket details from the company that employed me in Canada (FMA). Thank you Bienvenue for making my dream come true.
06/10/2019 09:49
???? Thanks for the praise and trust you have in us through your processing. We are here to make people happy and achieve their dreams.
Please Note that you must fly exact day written on your flight ticket for two reasons, so that the official from the company can pick you at the Airport to your apartment in the company quarters and also to resume your work at the due date specify in your appointment letter issued to you.

Have a safe trip.
Morris Eric
06/09/2019 16:11
Please Bienvenue Admin, can I change the date on my flight ticket , I will like to add a week more to it before I fly because of things am preparing to move with to Canada. Please reply asap as I will be happy to hear from you.
06/09/2019 16:15
Mr Morris, we I'll advice you to contact the customer care representative for your flight ticket modification , they will contact your Employer company in Canada to change your flight ticket date.

Akingbade James
06/08/2019 08:09
I want to commend your effort and your sincerity since you started my processing. I have gotten an SMS message for pick up, so I will go by Monday to pickup my passport in the embassy, I can't wait to see my 5 years work permit visa. Will let you guys know when I pick it.
06/09/2019 16:07
You are really welcome. Your visa has been issued already, Just notify us when you pick it up by tomorrow
Emmanuel Ezekiel
06/07/2019 18:33
Good day Bienvenue Crew, I want to say well done to you guys. I really love your processing. Just want to say I have submitted today and I hope to get good result as others got theirs.
06/07/2019 18:38
we bless God and be assured that you will get your work permit visa 100%.
Thanks ones again for having your processing with us.
Kayode Pius
06/06/2019 12:29
God your name should be praised all days of my life. I want to say thank you to all the crew of bienvenue travels and God will continue to bless you. I can't believe I can secure a work permit visa with just fee not up to nothing. I have been scammed lots of times but I took this risk with you people and you proof to me the best. I am so happy right now and happy too much. Please check your Email I have scanned the copy of my visa page to you for confirmation I got the visa. I have also received the flight ticket details from the company. I promise I will bring all Nigeria youth to apply through you guys. Thanks a lot
06/06/2019 12:34
You are really welcome and thanks for all.
Kayode Pius
06/05/2019 18:38
Picking my passport tomorrow at Oregun billing way from the embassy.. God I can't wait to pick and see my visa. Thanks to Bienvenue crew.
Obina Anthony
06/04/2019 15:15
How I wish people know its so much easy with Bievenue travels to move to Canada without stress, it would have been so good. Well just want to say a big thanks to you guys. Have gotten a pick up message to come and pick up my passport, which I know its 100% positive as others are giving good testimonies too. Can't wait to see me flying o
06/06/2019 12:33
You are really welcome
Chigozie imade
06/03/2019 12:51
I am really happy hearing lots of good works from Bienvenue. I just submitted today my documents and passport into Canadian embassy today Monday and am really hoping for good result like others too.
06/06/2019 12:32
Very soon you will get a notification for pick up at your submission centre.
Bobby Hakeem
06/03/2019 12:42
This Bienvenue crew are real and perfect. just collected my passport now with 5 years work permit visa as I was told to pick up today. I am so happy , even I don't know what to say because I have been trying to get a visa for 7 years now and always denied and duped but with you guys I got my work permit visa without stress. Thank you once again, I have scan my visa page to your Email for confirmation please.
Bobby Hakeem
05/31/2019 14:53
Thank God, just got a message now for pickup .. Wow am gonna go there first thing on Monday for pickup. Thanks to God
Felix Babatope
05/30/2019 16:22
I have submitted my passport and documents including my appointment letter from Canada in the Embassy today , I am really eager to get a message for picking soon , so I can be one of Canadian worker too. Anyways I am just happy .
06/06/2019 12:31
You will get a notification soon as the time reach for picking.
Chigozie Elta
05/30/2019 16:16
I am happy to be here , I just started my processing yesterday and I know it will be better like others who went well. Thanks to Bienvenue immigration crew. Love your team.
Folake Ogundipe
05/29/2019 06:16
I just want to say thanks to Bienvenue Immigration services. Got my work permit yesterday as if am dreaming but I know am not dreaming , now am going to be working as a sales representative in Ontario while am resuming on the 15th of Next month. Love you guys because you have made my dreams come true.
Bola kukoyi
05/28/2019 08:57
This is so great , I applied for a job in Canada through here last month and now am in level 2 about to get my visa and move to Canada. They are so transparent and put you through each step. Thanks to you Bienvenue immigration
Mary Katherine
05/28/2019 08:18
Wow I just want to say a big thank you to Bienvenue immigration crew. Firstly I didn't believe I can get a good job in Canada here since I have been so helpless . Although I have been living here in Canada already but got no job but with the help of Randstad connect I can say I am now having a stable income as a Nurse here.
A big thanks to you Bienvenue and your crew members.
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